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The Chernetska Licence is located approximately 300km north east of Kiev in the Talalayvskiy district of the Chernigiv region of Ukraine, about 2km to the southeast of the village of Chernetska, in the northwestern part of the Dnieper-Donets Basin.

The area has a developed gas transportation infrastructure. A network of pipelines that are part of the United Energy System of Ukraine pass through the licence area. The licence is an exploration licence which includes the rights for pilot production (on a commercial basis) prior to obtaining a production licence.  In July 2012, Hawkley was awarded a further five year exploration licence for Chernetska by the Ukrainian State Geological Department.

The Chernetska project licence 2982 (100 per cent owned) covers an area of 56.3km2  There are three prospective horizons (B20, B21/22 and B24/25) in the Visean sandstones and limestones of the Lower Carboniferous. 

In May 2012, Hawkley completed its first operated well (Chernetska-1) on the Licence which encountered hydrocarbon shows in the B20, B24/25 and B26 horizons. Subsequent testing of the well was inconclusive, however the recovery of oil from the B26 sands and significant gas shows in the B24/25 carbonate are considered to be encouraging for future exploration.

The results of the 3 objectives intersected by Chernetska-1 are summarised below:

  • B-20 sandstone was intersected between 4367-4377m. Reasonable reservoir quality was observed (porosity 8-12%) with oil shows in the core
  • B-24-25 (limestone was some 84m thick and good gas shows were observed whilst drilling but the overall reservoir quality at this location was not deemed suitable for a commercial test
  • B-26 horizon was penetrated between 4620-4645m, however, reservoir quality was poor. A small gas inflow and indications of light oil were obtained during testing However, due to a mechanical failure in the casing the test had to be terminated

The Chernetska-1 well has been suspended and is currently undergoing thorough evaluation of all the data obtained during drilling in order to ascertain whether it is worthwhile considering further testing activities at this well location with a workover rig.



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